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Canceling Builds In Foundry


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I have read a few threads commenting on this, and I'm surprised there haven't been more people commenting...


I worked very hard the past few days obtaining my Nyx Prime parts, even spent another $20 buying the platinum to trade for the last part I couldn't seem to earn... I was so excited when I finally had all the parts and components, I raced to scroll through my long list of blueprints and hastily clicked the helmet/chassis/systems.


Call me stupid, but of course I realized moments later that I'd accidentally clicked "build" on a couple of my regular Nyx parts, and wasted my few rare resources...


At which point of course, I scoured the UI for a "Cancel" button, but I was mystified and very frustrated to find there was none! It began to sink in, that I would now have to wait even longer for my brand new Nyx Prime... I was so excited to spend a chunk of this weekend enjoying her :'(


Why?? DE, I beg you, would you please add a cancel button? Is there any reason to punish players for silly mistakes like that? I really want to support such an innovative game (and I have $40 worth so far), but please, that sort of thing only discourages me :( Kindly consider this request!

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