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Freeing Mod Space:


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So, we keep hearing how the Grineer have these body modifications and implants, and basically the same about the Corpus. To create a potent alternative to the mod system, I figured we'd be able to make and install our own implants with blueprints from the faction. The Implants are used by both the Grineer and the Corpus.
These blueprints can only be acquired from Invasions and Infestation Invasions.

These can be installed on a Warframe, as an alternative to some mods. Examples: Stabilizer and other counterparts are vital to managing high-recoil weapons, and take up mod space you could use for something else.

Implant of Corpus origin: Control Module: Requires a Control Module, one Gallium, 10 Circuits and a Morphic. Reduces recoil when implanted with 30%, number depends on Warframe rank. Replacement of Stabilizer Mod.

Implant of Grineer origin: Neural Sensor: Requires a Neural Sensor, 10 Circuits, an Orokin Cell and a Morphic. Increases range at which enemies are spotted, giving 50% damage with any ranged weapon. Replacement of Serration.

Not really an implant, but an alternative to Shield Recharge:
Fieldron Renerator Pack: Requires a Neurode, 1/2/3/4 Fieldron(each one gives +20% Shield Recharge) 100 Polymer Bundle and 50 Oxium. Equipped as a Syandana, it regenerates Shield 20% for each Fieldron installed.

Implant of Corpus origin: Sleight of Hand: Requires two Control Modules, a Morphic, a Gallium and 20 Circuits. Decreases weapon reload time, holstering and unholstering, and Melee swing speed. Increases 'fire rate' of throwable secondaries as Hikou, Kunai and Castanas, all with 30%.

Not an Implant, but an alternative to ammo capacity mods, and of Grineer origin:
Ammo Pack: Requires a Control Module, 100 Ferrite, 100 Polymer Bundle and 10 Oxium. Increases carrying capacity of primary and secondary weapons with 20%.

Still thinking of other Implants!

Basically, this is freeing mod space. At a cost, since Implants are less effective then Mods.

While this is ment to replace some mods to make room for other mods, these can also be used to complement existing mods.

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