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Your Favorite Mods For A Rhino?




I havbe the 4 abilities maxed out, I find Vitality and Redirection the most common staplers. Besides those, I am left with a looooot of room for additionnal mods but I dont know what to put?


Rhino already has 150 armor, http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Rhino_(Warframe), would the STeel Fiber be a good candidate? I know Rhino have Iron skills already but still....


Please share your biases! :) and thank you for the suggestions

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Steel fiber gives an armor bonus(about 16% reduction) and armor only affects your health so get redirection(unbreakable shields), fast deflection(why not make your shields even more unbreakable), continuity(make your skills last longer iron skin to be exact and affects rhino charge range somehow), flow(more iron skin), and rush(move dat fat &#!)

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Well Well ... for my Rhino i put 3 abilites ( all except Rhino Stomp ) and all are maxed  out 


and i put Flow +25 % power - and Contiuity and +15 % power Duration - and Reach + 15 % power range !! so Radial Blast will reach more enemies 


and ... redrection not leveled and Vitality ... !! thats really helpful !!

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I only use Rhino for defense missions, I can't stand how slow he is. That said, I tend to spec for energy efficiency.


Iron Skin 3, Rhino Stomp 3

Continuity 4/5, Streamline 4/5

Redirection 6, Vitality 6 (only on Infested Missions for fighting toxics or having IS run out while standing in a dead toxic)

NO fast recharge on shields, as shields will have plenty of time to recharge while in Iron Skin

Reach depending on level and faction


w/e you want after that.


With full Continuity, Streamline, and Rank 3 Ironskin, IS lasts 19.5 seconds for a cost of 38 energy. Assuming I pick up one energy orb during those 20 seconds, with energy siphon I can maintain IS indefinitely - in other words Cont./Stream and Energy Siphon allows me to use IS with each energy orb I find rather than with every other orb.


Stomp lasts 12 seconds for a cost of 77. With max Reach, it extends 29 meters, or 20 without Reach.

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