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Semshol's Mega-Mart, Selling Mods And Prime Components


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Post your orders on the forums or pm me in the game.

GRAND RE-OPENING. New Mod stocks, better deals! Now selling Kubrow Imprints as well

Current Package Deals:

- Virulent Scourge Package (2 left): Buy items worth 30p in total and receive Virulent Scourge for FREE

Bleeding Willow Package (LAST ONE): Buy items worth 50p in total and receive Bleeding Willow for FREE



Warframe Mods:

- Blind Rage (15p)

- Constitution (10p)

- Fortitude (5p)

- Intensify (10p)

- Narrow Minded (15p)

- Natural Talent (10p)

- Retribution (5p)

- Shock Absorbers (5p)

- Streamline (5p)

- Undying Will (5p)

- Vigor (10p)

Primary Weapon Mods:

- Accelerated Blast (10p)

- Arrow Mutation (5p)

- Blaze (10p)

- Hammer Shot (10p)

- Hell's Chamber (10p)

- Malignant Force (10p)

- Metal Auger (5p)

- Ravage (5p)

- Rifle Ammo Mutation (5p)

- Shotgun Ammo Mutation (5p)

- Shred (10p)

- Sniper Ammo Mutation (5p)

- Thunderbolt (15p)

- Toxic Barrage (10p)

- Vital Sense (5p)

Secondary Weapon Mods:

- Barrel Diffusion (10p)

- Ice Storm (10p)

- Lethal Torrent (10p)

- Pistol Ammo Mutation (5p)

- Pistol Pestilence (10p)

- Steady Hands (5p)

- Stunning Speed (5p)

- Seeker (10p)

Melee Mods:

- Berserker (10p)

- Focus Energy (5p)

- Heavy Trauma [a.k.a Heavy Zebra] (5p)

- Power Throw (5p)

- Rending Strike (5p)

- Spoiled Strike (10p)

- Sundering Strike (5p)

- Virulent Scourge (10p)

- Whirlwind (10p)

Stance Mods:

- Bleeding Willow (15p)

- Brutal Tide (15p)

- Coiling Viper (10p)

- Clashing Forest (5p)

- Crossing Snakes (15p)

- Decisive Judgement (50p)

- Flailing Branch (20p)

- Fracturing Wind (5p)

- Homing Fang (10p)

- Iron Phoenix (5p)

- Malicious Raptor (50p)

- Seismic Palm (10p)

- Shattering Storm (15p)

- Shimmering Blight (5p)

- Sinking Talon (10p)

- Swirling Tiger (10p)

Sentinel Mods:

- Coolant Leak (5p)

- Fired Up (10p)

Kubrow Mods:

- Name the mod you want, 5p each (Bite and Maul are currently sold out)

Aura Mods:

- Corrosive Projection (10p)

- Enemy Radar (5p)

- Infested Impedance (5p)

- Physique (5p)

- Pistol Scavenger (5p)

- Shield Disruption (5p)

- Sniper Scavenger (5p)

- Speed Holster (5p)

Kubrow Imprints (pm me for a picture):

- Snubbul - Male SUNIKA, Blue eyes, Standard - 10p per imprint, 2 in stock

- Ifreeta - Female RAKSA, Orange Eyes, Largest Height Possible, Mottled Pattern, Prettier than some human females - 50p per imprint, 2 in stock

Prime Sets:

- Akbronco Prime Set (15p)

- Fang Prime Set (40p)

- Lex Prime Set (50p)

- Latron Prime Set (20p)

- Reaper Prime Set (15p)

- Sicarus Prime Set (30p)

- Rhino Prime Set (45p)

- Ember Prime Set (35p)

- Paris Prime Set (35p)

Prime Parts:

- Ankyros Prime BP (5p)

- Bo Prime BP (5p)

- Bo Prime Ornaments (5p)

- Boar Prime BP (5p)

- Boar Prime Stock (5p)

- Boar Prime Receiver (5p)

- Braton Prime BP (10p)

- Bronco Prime BP (5p)

- Ember Prime Helmet (5p)

- Ember Prime Chassis (5p)

- Frost Prime Chassis (5p)

- Frost Prime Systems (5p)

- Glaive Prime BP (10p)

- Glaive Prime Disc (10p)

- Lex Prime Receiver (10p)

- Loki Prime BP (10p)

- Mag Prime BP + Chassis (5p)

- Paris Prime BP (5p)

- Paris Prime Lower Limb (5p)

- Paris Prime String (5p)

- Rhino Prime Systems (5p)

- Wyrm Prime BP (15p)

- Wyrm Prime Systems (25p)

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