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This Is Why Corpus Is Better Than Grineers


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Hell yes!
Had the same kind of thing happen to me. First the map was pretty much abandoned. Then after entering the Grineer ship MASSES of Corpus ran around (we all know they were having a tea-party with the Grineer and didn't have enough time to get back). After that the Grineer got ready and spawned in the 20-40s in a single room.

It was beautiful!


DE, you know what to do. Increase spawnrates by 10 and let us run fewer missions.



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It could be a simple spawning bug, but the problem here is mostly that the enemies all spawn in only the last few rooms of invasions, its been like this on and off for about a week or so. 


In fact, there's already a few threads about this bug, a fix may ust be BehindtheSofa



10/10 would wear.

JR6dcpL.jpg [size=8]FANTASTIC?!![/size]



In addition, my I suggest haveing bling  metalluc textures for corpus helmets and robotics, complete with gold trimes and hot-rod esque flames


I'm highly afraid of where the thread will go next. Do I get another warning point?n

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