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What Order Did You Get Your Frames In?


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These are the frames I got in order:

1. (Starter) Excalibur

2. Nekros

3. Oberon

4. Trinity

5. Vauban

6. Nova

7. Mirage 

8. Hydroid

9. Ash

10. Limbo

11. Nyx P

12. Banshee

13. Frost P

14. Mesa

15. Rhino Prime

16. Mag Prime

Didn't have to buy any of em.

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Mag, Trinity, Saryn, Frost, Ember, Volt, Exalibur (prime), Ash, Nyx, Banshee, Loki, Vauban, Excalibur (regular), Rhino (regular), Nova, Nekros, Frost (prime), Valkyr?, Mag (prime), Oberon, Zephyr, Ember (prime), Hydroid, Rhino (prime), Mirage

Edit: I can't remember when Valk was released...

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1. Volt (Starter)

2. Valkyr (I only played a mission or two when I first got into the game, so when I got back into it a year later, Valkyr was already out, however, I wound up selling her shortly after)

3. Nyx

4. Rhino

5. Sayrn

6. Vauban (Bought it)

7. Nekros

8. Trinity

9. Rhino Prime

10. Excalibur (Bought it along with the anniversary skin)

11. Hydroid (Bought it because I didn't want to faff around with fighting Vay Hek)

12. Oberon

13. Nyx Prime (Bought her through the Prime Access)


Next frame I might get is either Ember, because I have all of her parts already made, or, if I don't chose to farm for the next Prime frame/not interested in it, will probably be Volt Prime.

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I know I started with Mag, then Ember.  I think it was then Excalibur Prime because I wanted Platinum and Mastery, then Rhino & Ash because I needed Mastery and had the parts from helping friends.  After that I can't remember.  I know I got Frost Prime before Frost because in those days you didn't always get a part from bosses and the Void had less in it.  Everything since Nakros I've got in order of release (just missing Nyx Prime).

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I got mine in pretty much the order the old solar chart was layed out in. branching out to get saryn and nova before i went to get loki and nyx from phorid. (pre-infestation/ invasion)


excal was my first, and volt/ banshee were my last, because they werent clantech yet. then i got the primes in the order of release

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1. Excalibur - Starter

2. Rhino

3. Nekros

4. Frost Prime

5. Mag Prime

6. Ember (Prime version came soon so i sold this one)

7. Ember Prime

8. Vauban

9. Valkyr

10. Loki

11. Nova

12 Nyx

13. Oberon

14. Ash

15. Zephyr

16. Volt

17. Banshee

18. Hydroid

19. Trinity

20. Saryn

21. Rhino Prime

22. Loki Prime

23. Mirage

24 Frost


Never had the regular Mag and i´m working on getting Nyx Prime.

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Not quite sure this will be the exact order.


Excal (starter)











[size=2]From Mag to Trinity not sure about the order, but sure they were before Banshee[/size]

Banshee (got taxi'd to Xini)

Frost Prime





Mag Prime

Ember Prime

[size=2]From this down, I started gathering all again as the first time I had only two slots and had to sell them after they hit 30[/size]


Rhino Prime




Right now I'm missing Mag, Ember, Frost, Hydroid, Loki Prime & Nyx Prime. The last three have never had them.

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Excalibur/Prime, played as him and only him for forever, then left, then came back when Valkyr released, bought Valkyr.  The rest are mostly inconsequential.  I don't remember the order after that.  Excalibur and Valkyr are my primary frames.  I use the others for niche situations (like Frost on defense) or whenever the heck I feel like it, because female Excalibur IS pretty sexy.

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