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Wts Rare Mods And Primes Cheap

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Just trying to get rid of this stuff and hopefully help someone less favoured by RNG.


5p each item, or 4 for 15p unless stated.

* = 15p

** = 25p

*** = 40p



Akbronco bp

Ankyros bp

Bo ornament

Boar receiver

Boltor stock

Braton bp                 

Bronco bp                

Burston barrel          

Dakra handle           

Ember chassis         

Ember helmet          

Frost chassis           

Frost helmet             

Latron bp                  

Latron stock            

Lex barrel                

Mag bp                    

Mag chassis            

Paris lower limb      

Reaper bp               

Rhino helmet           

Rhino systems 

Sicarus bp          

Wyrm bp*            



Includes Corrupted, Nightmare, Stances and whatnot.

Accelerated blast

Barrel diffusion


Blind rage

Energy channel

Focus energy


Hammer shot

Heavy trauma

Ice storm

Iron phoenix

Malicious raptor**

Narrow minded

Power throw

Reflex guard

Seismic palm

Spoiled strike


Stunning speed

Sundering strike

Tainted clip

Tainted mag


Tranquil cleave*

Undying will



Feel free to PM or post below what you need and I'll try to get in-game asap.


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