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Selling Rare And Stance Mods


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Crimon Dervish 15p

Decisive Judgement 15p

Gleaming Talon 15p



Coolant Leak 10p



Fortitude 15p

Flow 12p

Natural Talent 10p

Reflex Guard 12p

Streamline 12p



Metal Auger 10p

Malignant Force 15p

Seeking Force 10p

Shotgun Ammo Mutation 10p

Sniper Ammo Mutation 10p

Toxic Barrage 15p

Vital Sense 10p



Hollow Point 12p

Magnum Force 12p

Pistol pestilence 15p

Steady Hands 10p

Stunning Speed 10p

Tainted clip 12p



Energy Channel 10p

Power Throw 10p

Virulent Scourge 15p

Corrupt Charge 10p

Spoiled Strike 12p


Steam: reter29


Ingame: reter


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