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Enemies Using More Faction Weapons (Wip)


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Idea was influenced by this thread:
This is a WIP and there will probably be more to come. Also, if someone could draw up some concept art that would be cool. If you have any ideas feel free to share.
Elite (ranged)

Elite Ballista (rare)
-uses the Buzlok
-usually seeks higher ground and snipes from a distance
-deploys tracers which cause Buzlok projectiles to seek target
Elite Seeker (rare)
-uses the Grinlok
-deploys Latchers
-usually seeks higher ground or a distance from enemies
Elite Shield Lancer (rare)
-uses the Nukor
-charges at enemies, bashing them with the shield
-usually stays at the front of Grineer squads
Elite Trooper (rare)
-uses the Sobek
-has higher armor, usually slowly approaches enemies and tries to tank through damage

Elite (melee)

Elite Scorpion (rare)
-uses the Gram
-will launch grappling hooks or charge at enemy
-can use charge attacks which inflict Viral proc
Ghost (uncommon)
-uses the Sheev
-can cloak, temporarily turning invisible
Punisher (rare)
-uses the Atterax (Burning Wasp stance)
-can wrap Atterax around target, dragging target towards him while simultaneously inflicting Slash proc and damage
Cleaver (common)
-uses the Dual Cleavers
-can use charge attack which inflicts Viral proc


Drakgoon Lancer (rare)
-uses the Drakgoon
-can fire charged or uncharged rounds
Stug Lancer (rare)
-uses the Stug
-can fire charged or uncharged rounds
Brakk Lancer (rare)
-uses the Brakk 
-must be at a close distance to enemies to fire accurately
Marelok Lancer (uncommon)
-uses the Marelok
-usually seeks cover or higher ground
Gremlin (common)
-uses the Twin Gremlins
-can roll or dodge

Elite (ranged)

Elite Corpus Tech (rare)
-uses the Penta
-can deploy Shield Ospreys
-can deploy Mine Ospreys
Elite Shield Crewman (rare)
-uses the Cestra
-has a Corpus shield
-functions similarly to the Shield Lancer (Grineer)
-can deploy the shield to provide cover, pulling out another Cestra (using Dual Cestras)
Elite Attack Drone (rare)
-higher shields
-higher armor
-higher damage
-fires Quanta bubbles when threatened (can zap or explode)

Elite (melee)

Elite Prod Crewman (rare)
-uses the Plasma Sword
-higher shields
-higher damage
-can use charge attacks which inflict Magnetic (no disruption) proc


Amprex Crewman (uncommon
-uses the Amprex
-must be in close range
Glaxion Crewman (uncommon)
-uses the Glaxion
-must be in close range 
Quanta Crewman (uncommon)
-uses the Quanta
-can fire electric bubbles that can explode or zap
Tetra Crewman (common)
-uses the Tetra
-usually seeks cover or higher ground
Shield Crewman (uncommon)
-uses the Spectra
-has a Corpus shield
-functions similarly to the Shield Lancer (Grineer)
Serro Crewman (common)
-uses the Serro
Obex Crewman (uncommon)
-uses the Obex
-can roll or dodge

Units like the Lancers (Arid, Frontier, Elite, Standard), having multiple appearances, would need to be changed to one entry in the Codex, similar to the Eximus Codex entries.
Units like the Eximus entries would need to be changed to faction-specific names. For instance,

Grineer Flameblades now use a Heat Sword instead of the placeholder Prova.

EDIT 1: Obviously some units will appear more frequently than others, and others less so.
-added the Notes section
-added an additional effect to the Punisher, Atterax wraps around the player (Rakshal's suggestion)
EDIT 2: Added rarity of spawning to all enemies
-suggestion for Flameblades-uses Heat Sword

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