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Duhadventure's Shop (Last Updated 9/27/14)

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Full Sets:

Boar Prime X1

Bronco Prime X1

Latron Prime X1


Prime BPs

Mag Prime BP X2

Rhino Prime BP X2

AKBronco Prime BP X1

Ankyros Prime BP X2

Boar Prime BP X2

Boltor Prime BP X1

Braton Prime BP X2

Bronco Prime BP X2

Darka Prime BP X1

Latron Prime BP X3

Orthos BP BP X1

Reaper Prime BP X1

Sicarus Prime BP X1



Prime Parts

AKBronco Prime Link X1

Bo Prime Handle X1

Bo Prime Ornament X2

Boar Prime Barrel X1

Boar Prime Receiver X4

Boar Prime Stock X3

Boltor Prime Receiver X4

Boltor Prime Stock X1

Bronco Prime Barrel X1

Bronco Prime Receiver X2

Burston Prime Receiver X1

Burston Prime Stock X2

Ember Prime Helmet  BP X2

Fang Prime Blade X1

Frost Prime Chassis BP X4

Frost Prime Systems BP X1

Glaive Prime Blade X2

Glaive Prime Disc X2

Latron Prime Barrel X2

Latron Prime Receiver X2

Latron Prime Stock X1

Lex Prime Receiver X1

Mag Prime Chassis BP X5

Mag Prime Helmet BP X1

Nyx Prime Helmet BP X1

Nyx Prime Systems BP X1

Orthos Prime Handle X2

Paris Prime Grip X1

Paris Prime Lower Limb X1

Rhino Prime Chassis BP X1

Sicarus Prime Barrel X7

Wyrm Prime Carapace X1

Wyrm Prime Cerebrum X1


Rare Mods:

Accelerated Blast X1 (Maxed)

Berserker X1

Blaze X1

Blind Rage X1

Burdened Magazine X1

Buzz Kill X1

Coiling Viper (Stance) X2

Constitution X1

Crimson Dervish X1

Critical Delay X1

Crossing Snakes (Stance) X1

Energy Channel X1

Fired Up X2

Focus Energy X1

Fortitude X1

Gleaming Talon (Stance) X1

Hammer Shot X2

Handspring X1

Heavy Trauma X2

Hell's Chamber X1

Ice Storm X1

Intensify X2

Malicious Raptor (Stance) X1

Malignant Force X3

Narrow Minded X1

Natural Talent X5

Pistol Pestilence X5

Power Through X6

Reflex Guard X5

Savagery (Kubrow) X1

Seismic Palm (Stance) X1

Shred X1

Spoiled Strike X1

Streamline X1

Stunning Speed X1

Tainted Mag X1

Tainted Shell X1

Thunderbolt X1

Toxic Barrage X10

Tranquil Cleave (Stance) X3

Undying Will X1

Unleashed (Kubrow) X1

Vigor X1

Virulent Scourge X8

Vital Sense (Rank 2) X1

Vital Sense X1

Wildfire X1

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