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What Will Happen If I Forma Something That I Already Used A Catalyst At?



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So, if i use a forma on my catalyst'd dread the slots will still be 60?

Yes, and no, Forma resets the rank of a weapon, but leaves the Catalyst/Reactor alone.


Example: I forma my Ogris with a catalyst installed, my ogris's rank gets reset, but I still have the catalyst installed.


As [DE]Kickbot would say "Forma all the things"


Edit: You DO NOT get mastery points for ranking up a forma'd weapon.

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So youll get still the 30 slots from getting it potatod? thanks guys. Its time to build a super dread :D


no. not quite.

you double your slots per level.


so a rank 1 dread = 2 mod points

rank 7 = 14

rank 30 = 60


make sense?

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