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Weird Excalibur Video Message?



This has probably been asked before (I tried to search for it and found nothing...) but I was doing a T1 Capture and was trying to see if I could do it stealthy while I was waiting for my friend to get on, and after I eliminated the last enemy Lotus came on telling me good work and to go to extraction and all that, then there was a 3-5 second frame of Excalibur sitting there and then it randomly went away. What does that mean?

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I think it would be cool if DE made this bug into a quest. I got the same bug today.

Stalker comes after the clip has ended then tries to KILL you.


What if the Excalibur comes after the clip ends then you try to SAVE him? :D Tenno Helping Tenno.


That would be cool right? But lets stop thinking about that, Let the DE think on what should they do about that bug. :)

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