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[Feedback & Suggestion] Alternate Channeling Color


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I have a decent looking little Ash with accessories on it. Running a mostly white/some black theme with gold highlights.
Energy color is gold, but I would like my energy color when channeling to be pure bright white, like my weapon streaks.

I mean, this is purely a vanity request.

Just add an extra option in the Warframe Appearance menu.

Right under "Energy" have "Channeling Energy".
Same for the attachments. (Would look neat with the energy shield attachments.)

- Jath

EDIT: Sorry. If this could be moved to the Art section, I'd appreciate it. >.<

Edited by Jathniel
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Yeah, I thought it would be cool to see a black warframe, suddenly produce bright red energy streaks while channeling. Or something along those lines.
Since channeling is the Warframe tapping deep into its energy reserve, I know some players wouldn't mind being able to customize the visual representation of that.

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