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A Bit Late, But What The Hell


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I hang around the forums here a lot and look at the threads on here, as well as come up with a lot of game-changing ideas, most I try to get constructive feedback on, but generally end in a lot of disagreement ("Dare I say...Vortex nerf" was possibly the worst idea I voiced on here, but I realized later on it was more so a problem with the infested)--but nonetheless, I do like to hear the community's thoughts on everything, and do like seeing the same familiar faces in the threads I come across, which makes me feel a bit more tied to this community more than most games.


I am not a very old PC gamer (probably around 5-6 years now), but have been playing games with my father and alone for about 14 years straight now.


(Also my obsession with the Flood from Halo comes from the fact that I started playing games since I was 4 years old with my father and was terrified of them, but grew on them overtime as I became obsessed with the terrifying lore behind them... a bit of looking back :P)


Greetings Tenno, I look forward to seeing every single one of you in the forums and soon-to-be added hubs later on!

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