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After U14 Revisions I No Longer Have Europa!


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HI I just performed the most recent updates and since u14 I no longer have the planet Europa at all. Its just simply not there, and I know for a fact I had the planet completed pre-update.  It is frustrating to me because I am going for a very high point run on Cryotic Front and that would be literally impossible on earth (not enough points)....Also when I join groups in Europa I freeze their game and cause ALLLLLL KINDS OF FUNKY ISSUES ie. cant pick up power feeders for the cryotic extractors, glitching characters, glitching frames, kubrows, level skin, you name it!  I really need help from a DE because I play this game daily and have since the ps4 release this is just frustrating as can be to me!!! Thanks for your time and if anyone else has suggestions chime in but I think this is a major issue...

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