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I'm Getting Annoyed By The "connection To The Host Has Been Lost Thing"



So, i've asked like 15+ people in recruiting for Any t4, ODE, ODA,or some mission. But when its loading i can hear the sounds of whats happening then suddenly it just hangs up, goes to white screen then says connection to the host has been lost. Kicking me back to the liset. What the hell is this? I might not play warframe until tommorow if this thing isnt getting fixed.


And my connection doesnt have any problem.

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I dont get why if the connection to the host is lost it wont let you finish on your own. Why is this not a thing. Screw the host and his terrible connection. If he cant host a stable connection why is he doing it in the first place.

Sometimes i get the feeling warframe chooses the one with the most terrible connection to host the game.

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