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Matchmaking For Void And Derelict?


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Can we have a system for automate finding a match in the void or in derelict missions?

Brief description:

0) Player access it from the star map like he normally would start any mission


1) To access a mission the player have to at least had found the proper key previously, doesn't matter if hosting or looking for.
I'd like/advise also that there could be MR restrictions on the mission the player can access (ie. no more mr0 accessing t4 sur)


2) The player can decide if to look for a host or to host himself


3) The player can decide, if looking for host if he can eventually keyshare, or if he is hosting then he can ask/force keysharing

The system record how many time each player hosted vs how many times the player freeloaded and make this score available to the hosting players as another restriction he can apply, let's call it "Contribution ratio"


4) The host can set minimum mastery rank, minimum conclave an minimum Contribution ratio as options


5) The host can set the warframe composition he desire for each component of the party


    Player 2, warframes allowed: Mirage, Mag, Oberon

    Player 3, warframes allowed: Loki, Ember
    Player 4, warframes allowed: All )
    This is done by selecting checboxes


    To start simple the cc and warframe restrictions decided by the host will be calculated against the current loadout.


    TBI: For the further development it would be nice that he loadout system will provide data for the cc calculation fetching the values from each proper loadout. This implies that we need more loadout slots, at least one for each type of mission ( capt, ext, def, md, int, sur), and maybe one more for when you are levelling/relevelling.


6) Ready check and go


Isn't this easier than writing each other just for flooding each other chat tabs and too get or too many people or too many full groups already?
I'm on PC but i wonder what a mess can be for console players who does not even have a keyboard.

Vote Up if you like it!!!

NOTE: this is a repost because i fist posted it in General, but i think feedback is a more appropriate section

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