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Installed Mods Need To Be Removed When Fusing Them If Their Point Cost Would Exceed Without Polarity Although With Polarity They Fit


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Search came up with a couple of these issues being reported but titled with seemingly bad understanding of what the actual issue was.


Anyway: When you have a mod installed to something in a matching polarity slot and you try to fuse it higher, the fusion will often claim that the "Installed mod would exceed the capacity of *gear it's installed in*, Unintall mod or cancel". This will happen even if the mod does not rank up from the planned fusion but also if the mod would simply not fit in its current state without utilising the matching polarity slot it is in.


This becomes a problem when you have to uninstall your mod from absolutely everything it's in when you try to fuse it and have no idea if it's actually a conflict and won't fit anymore or if it's simply this bug :/

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If you are fusing mod, the game will check your gear to check if the mod can stay without exceeding the current mod points


Example : You are fusing up serration from 4 to 5.  Actually in your Paris, you have 0 remaining points. The mod will exceed the max mod points (-1 remaining points). So the game ask you if you want to retire it from your paris to do the fusing.


With the same polarity : mods cost are divided by 2 rounded up. so a mod who cost 15, with the polarity it will become 8. A mod who cost 16, will cost 8 with the same polarity. 

Now when fusing. Your gear is at level 5. So when fusing with no polarity it will cost 6 points. With polarity it will still cost 3 points. 

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