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What Are Good Weapons To Put Punch Through On?



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Latron series, Sybaris, Continuous weapons.

Punch through on the Latron series and Sybaris is good as they only have a few bullets in a clip.

For example, Latron Prime has 15 in a clip. So you expect to kill at most 15 enemies in one clip. This renders it pretty bad when swarmed. With punch through, bullets can kill multiple enemies in a line i.e. 1 bullet kills 3 Grineer in a line,

Which means you can kill more enemies in one clip = more efficient against crowds.

The recommended puncture mod to use is Shred. 1.2 meters is more than enough and that small boost to fire rate is handy on semi-automatic weapons like them.

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Everything really, except Ogris, Ignis, Angstrum and Bows (innate punchthrough)

Sure, DPS drops, but every time you hit more than one enemy, DPS doubles.


I run it on virtually everything, because


- Only endless modes require any real thought to setup.

- Endless modes feature swarms of enemies

- Punchthrough kills swarms of enemies.


Sure on paper it looks like a significant hit to weapon power, but try it.

I can't live without punchthrough.

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Personally, I can't live without Punch-Through anymore. Warframe is something of a shoot'em-up and because of that there will be a lot of enemies. Without Punch-Through they create a meat shield at higher levels that all enemies use to get up close and personal. Therefor, I use Punch-Through on most weapons that doesn't have innate Punch-Through. It allows you to kill MORE for LESS.

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