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More Control Over Movement (Wallrunning Etc)


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Now, I fully admit that this complaint has a lot to do with me being an essentially mediocre player. But I'm often frustrated at how much warframe movement, especially the parkour stuff, relies on context over player input. For instance, when running up a wall, releasing the jump button will make you leap away. I like the ability to leap away, but I really don't like the inability to just stop running up the wall and drop back down to the ground. 


The reason this is a problem for me is, when I'm trying to run up a wall or mount an obstacle, the animation isn't always very clear. If I leap towards a wall and hold shift to start wallrunning, the wallrun animation might take half a second to kick in. During the delay, I think "Oh, I must not have caught the wall" and let go of the jump button (because, quite often, I really won't catch the wall). Then the wallrunning animation kicks in, and responds to the fact that I've let go of the jump button by sending my frame leaping into the nearest abyss.


Another example (one that I've seen some complaints about) is landing after a long jump. Sometimes you roll, sometimes you don't, and it's not always obvious which it will be.


I think the solution is to give the player more input over how their frame acts. For instance, on wallrunning, maybe hitting crouch will make you drop instead of jump. Likewise, for landing, if you hold crouch as you hit, your frame won't roll. Another way to do it is to make jumping off a wallrun active: let go of jump and you just drop; let go and immediately tap jump during a wallrun, and you leap. Similarly, maybe when you land after a jump you never roll, unless you hit shift+direction (the way you roll normally).


While I'm at it, it'd be nice if there were an easy way to break out of a melee animation. I noticed while leveling up the Sheev that, especially on slow weapons, it's easy to get stuck in an animation at just the wrong time. Maybe hitting could break you out of an animation (my inspiration for this is Arkham City, where Batman can almost always break out of a melee animation to respond to an incoming attack).


Basically, I think ninjas ought to be able to react fluidly to evolving situations, and I don't think the current control scheme supports that as well as it could.

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Crouch-resetting wallruns/climbs was actually a graceful solution to wallrunning issues but DE removed it without explanation.  You can still cancel a wallrun/climb by hitting the crouch button, though, so that will fix your problem there.  The auto-roll thing is obnoxious but you just have to get a feel for when it will occur depending on how far you fall.

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have you seen this thread? it has some useful information that may be pertinent to parts of your wishes.



The auto-roll thing is obnoxious but you just have to get a feel for when it will occur depending on how far you fall.

you mean spamming Crouch to get the game to actually respond to it when Animation Lock wears off and you just slide the entire time you're in the air to make sure you land without rolling.



clearly the best option, Sliding is the answer to just about everything in Warframe. for some reason. even the answer to getting around badly designed 'features' that get in the way of gameplay and only add more Animation Lock.





sigh, the stories i could tell about why Animation Lock is just disgusting and has no place in Video Games. 

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