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21St Lotus Guard Bn Recruiting Anyone Active!


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Hey guys! Before I start talking about my clan, Id like to introduce myself first.


My IGN is Tunguska7 . I have been playing Warframe since Operation Slingstone so I have had the pleasure of watching the game evolve from its awkward teenage days to the almost supermodelish game it is now. I have been in a few clans but I left them all for the same exact reason. They are not active enough. I didnt have any raiding buddies. Apart from all the research, there wasnt much incentives to be part of inactive clans.


Now on to my clan. My goal for the 21st Lotus Guard Battalion is to create a clan that has active players, but is also shaped by these players. My vision is to welcome players from any where in the world, whether newbies or veterans, into a clan where there is always someone to help you, talk to you, and run missions with you. This may seem a tad too ambitious but I am willing to stake my time and resources to do it. I also have an idea to make an experimental council within the higher ranking members of the clan who meet up every now and then and discuss clan goals as well as make democratic votes on important clan decisions (I.e. Alliances, solar rails etc..)


Current state of the clan: Currently, there are 5 clan members total and all are active. The science labs are all built, and research is completed in the Tenno labs, with steady progress being made in all the rest of the labs. 

Now you may ask, why should veteran players join a clan with nothing but a goal? Well, my answer to you is, you set yourself a goal you can work for:


* Building up a clan from scratch

* Using those resources that are just sitting getting stale in your inventory

* Teaching other players the ropes in Warframe and help the community grow

* Clan founders get put on the experimental clan council idea I have


To be recruited, send me an ingame message, or post here with your IGN




My IGN: Tunguska7

Clan name: 21st Lotus Guard Bn

Currently recruiting: Veterans preferred just to get the clan kick-started, but newbies welcome too. MUST BE ACTIVE


We also have our own subreddit! Visit http://www.reddit.com/r/21stlotusguardbn . We expect this subreddit to pick up once we gain more members.

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