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Can't Use Weapons Or Pickup Items.


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Just as the title says. I'll be playing survival or defense missions in a group coop and in the middle of the game, then I can't use my primary weapon. I can't switch weapons and I can't collect items, such as ammo, mods or energy. The only thing I can do is use my abilities, but that eventually depletes since I can't pick up any energy.


This literally just happened to me 3 times just today. It's very annoying, only thing I can do is abort the mission or wait until it's over.

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I've had a problem picking up loot a few times the last couple weeks too. Could shoot primary and secondary, and could melee as well, but my carrier nor frame could pick up loot. I tried dying and getting revived but it didn't help. I don't particularly like having to burn a revive myself to fix a bug so i finished the mission without drops. Also I was the host on a LAN with no one else in the house using internet. So I don't think it was lag.
Whatever it is, it's annoying and eats my drops!

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