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The Gradivus Dilemma (Console Edition)


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This is my first post, so lets make it count.


So, today some things crossed my mind. The Gradivus Dillemma. The most highly rated secondary in the game. The Brakk. What about it? The fact that it is another weapon that we are depending on RNG to obtain. Now now, this isn't another complaint about RNG. I've seen way too many of those. It is a merely a suggestion, an idea. An idea that has already become a reality, to some extent.


I'm aware that this weapon was released as a G3 drop because users were disappointed that they missed the event that just so happened to reward them with the best secondary weapon in the game. So, as a solution for the lucky, they could get it from visits by their Grineer friends. Every day, more and more people go crazy trying to find where the G3 sleep. This leaves the event participants watching and laughing.


Unfortunately, they are not only watching and laughing at the ones who missed the event, but in fact the entire PS4 community. The ones who never even got a chance to obtain it in a sensible way. Now, I am not saying this out of anger..


..okay I lied. Maybe a little anger because of the fact that the Grustrag 3 have come after me (G)3 times, without a single drop of a Brakk component. I understand though. That's RNG at its finest. I've been experiencing this for months with the Stalker and his elusive Despair.


What I don't understand is why most of the PC users got a chance to work hard for it with a guaranteed chance of obtaining it, while the console users are stuck at the mercy of RNG once again. 


So, please, for the sake of my sanity and many others who are in the same boat as me, re-release The Gradivus Dilemma. Give us a chance. It's not at all like giving away the weapon. 100 completions is not an easy task. But for the dedicated with bad luck, 100 missions is worth never having to wonder when your next visit will be, and if they will even give you what you want when they do expose themselves.


Please be respectful in the replies. PC players, please understand that I am not asking for a gift for PS4 users, simply a chance to obtain the way most of you did. Thank you!

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The Brakk is undeniably badass - probably overpowered, definitely in comparison to its Corpus rival the Detron - but you should look at it and play the game with it as a long-term goal.


You will burn yourself out badly if you make a real, concerted effort to farm it up.  Just let it happen.  Do invasions when the battle pay is worthwhile, enjoy the G3 when they come for your squadmates.  You'll get the parts eventually, and you won't be contributing to the terrible Corpus skew during invasions by people after the Brakk and G3 hits.

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I totally agree. I'd drive myself crazy running mission after mission with those odds for the G3 to appear.


BUT on the other hand, I am once again just asking for the same opportunity that PC players got.


Also, I agree with the other guy. I have totally run out of things to do lol. I have everything I want EXCEPT of course, my secondary.

As for now though, I'm settled myself into the capable hands of the Marelok. It's been getting positive recommendations for so long I decided not to ignore it.

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How to obtain the Brakk:

Bring Nekros. Better yet, bring two.

Administer a lie detector test to insure all are marked. Or just run Invasion missions. Always.

Don't rush through missions. (On Grineer Survivals we waited 1 min to leave spawn point after alarm was triggered. Requires patience and/or heavy sedation for antsy players.)

Kill G3.

Desecrate, desecrate, desecrate. Nekros no go bang bang, nekros go desecrate, desecrate.

Feast upon the goodness that is Brakk. Yum!

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