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Wts, Wtt And Wtb.

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WTS, WTT, WTB. Prime parts quick sell (2-15p) Akbronco P Bp, Bo p bp, bo p ornament, boar p receiver, boar p stock, Boltor p barrel, Boltor p stock, braton p bp, bronco p bp, bursting p stock, dakra p bp, fang p bp, glaive p disc, Latron p barrel, Latron p bp, Loki p bp, mag p bp, mag p chassis, orthos p handle, Paris p bp, Paris p power limb, Paris p upper limb, reaper p handle, reaper p bp, rhino p system, sicarus p barrel. Mods (5-25) - accelerated blast, blaze, blind rage, constitution, continuity, energy channel, fired up, flow, fortitude, hammer shot, heavy trauma, ice storm, intensify, narrow minded, natural talent, over extend, pistol pestilence, power throw, ravage, rending strike, shred, split chamber, spoiled strike, steady hands, stunning speed, sundering strike, thunderbolt, toxic barrage, vigor, virulent Scrouge, wild fire. Stances - bleeding willow, iron Phoenix, tranquil cleave, burning wasp, clashing Forrest, Gemini cross, grim fury, homing fang, reaping spiral, shattering storm, sinking talon, swirling tiger. Wtb - bo p handle.

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For those who don't want cancer...



Prime parts quick sell (2-15p)

Akbronco P Bp

Bo p bp

bo p ornament

 boar p receiver

boar p stock

Boltor p barrel

Boltor p stock

braton p bp

bronco p bp

bursting p stock

dakra p bp

fang p bp

glaive p disc

Latron p barrel

Latron p bp

Loki p bp

mag p bp

mag p chassis

orthos p handle

Paris p bp

Paris p power limb

Paris p upper limb

reaper p handle

reaper p bp

rhino p system

sicarus p barrel

 Mods (5-25)

accelerated blast


blind rage



energy channel

fired up



hammer shot

heavy trauma

ice storm


narrow minded

natural talent

over extend

pistol pestilence

power throw


rending strike


split chamber

spoiled strike

steady hands

stunning speed

sundering strike


toxic barrage


virulent Scrouge

wild fire


bleeding willow

iron Phoenix

tranquil cleave

burning wasp

clashing Forrest

Gemini cross

grim fury

homing fang

reaping spiral

shattering storm

sinking talon

swirling tiger.


bo p handle

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