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Tips On The Assassins



Hey everyone!


I know that this has probably been discussed before - but what are your best tactics for encountering the Stalker, Harvester and G3?


So far I've been doing invasions and killing bosses, but it seems ridiculously hard to get marked. For example, 2 days ago I did like 40 speed runs on Tethys (Sargas Ruk) in order to farm Orokin Cells. Guess what? No mark from Stalker - some avenger he is. Pretty much same goes for invasions. And even if you get marked, the chance of them actually appearing is just so low that you might get struck by lightning more often (that is, if you ever leave your home with all this farming going on).


Ok, so - does anyone have any ideas or maybe strategies to encounter these guys more without wasting incredible amounts of time?


Thanks in advance.

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To find them: Just do any mission they will find you. For G3/ Zanuka go to their faction controlled areas.


TO deal with them:

Well for Stalker you have 2 methods:

1. Kite and Run around in circles whilst shooting him as much as you can whilst dodging his projectiles

2. Have a heavily modded weapon ready and the moment he stands up unload it into him. This method is risky as you are standing right in front of him and relies on the fact your weapon is capable of out damaging him.



1. Shoot it, this is the easiest of all the Assassins. Also consider moving to avoid any nasty surprises.



G3 is effected by most Warframe abilties iirc i.e. Rhino stomp, Radial blind, Chaos, etc. So have any abilities that can disable them handy. Otherwise, all you can really do is keep as far away from them and wittle them down at a distance. 

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Just equip unleveled gear... They will show up in no time...

I believe it's merely a coincidence that Stalker appears when you just started leveling something. Mainly because people just tend to remember these instances more vividly because the fights proved to be more difficult or even lethal. I don't think it actually increases your chance to see the lazy assassin.


Also, I'm nearly mastery rank 17, meaning that I have no weapons to level (unless I forma something I don't like), except of course Despair, Detron and Brakk which I'm still missing, hence this post.

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