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Vk's Overheat Suggestion


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So after reading this thread a minute ago, I came up with this idea after months (a year?) of bashing overheat and turning down ideas to give Ember, who I consider a true glass cannon, a defensive skill...



Replace Fire Blast as Ember's new #3



-Ember absorbs incoming enemy attacks, converting everything sent her way into pure heat energy which is then released in a cataclysmic wave of fire.


Very fast, uninterruptible animation leading to a four second invulnerability period which stores damage dealt and is not affected by duration, similar to how snowglobe works.


When the invulnerability period ends she's healed to full and stored damage is reduced by the % her HP was restored, then what ever damage is left gets applied as a DoT to enemies in a small radius. This DoT would calculated based on damage per tic at base duration, so duration mods would increase or decrease damage due to fewer/more tics.



Run in the middle of a bunch of guys.


Get hit for 25% of your HP.


Hit #3


Take 1,000 damage during the 4 seconds, but not give a flaming fart about it because rawr.


Get healed to full, -> lose 25% so 750 damage left.


Everything in a small AoE at the time it ends takes 750 fire damage over 5 seconds.

If you have +100% duration, they take 1500 over 10 seconds.

If you have -50% duration, they take 375 over 2.5 seconds.







What do you think? Only thing I'm not sure on is power strength. Maybe it could affect some minimum damage, or just not do anything. Plenty of incentive for power strength still due to Accelerant synergy, since this does 100% fire.

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The old overheat was bad and needs to stay gone.


I'm reading about this skill proposed by VK and it seems to be like Snowglobe, Blessing (the old one), and Absorb had a baby which they then caught on fire.  I think this would be a very strong ability and it might actually scale pretty well.  Bravo for thinking outside the box.

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