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Selling Cheap Mods


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Mods are all unranked unless stated otherwise 




Fast Deflection 2/5 x1 3p

Overextended 18p

Fleeting Expertise 20p
Retribution x2 2p

Narrow minded x2 15p

Stretch 5p

Streamline 5p

(Many Warframe skill mods in STOCKarrow-10x10.png,just leave a reply)



Point Strike x3 1p

Arrow Mutation x2 4p

Blaze 6p

Burdened magazine 2p

Vicious Spread x2 8p

Heavy Calibur 20p

Tainted mag 2p

Shotgun ammo mutation x2 5p



Lethal torrent x2 5p

Steady Hands 5p

Tainted clip x2 2p

Pistol Pest 5p



Fury x3 1p

Reach x4 1p

Pressure point 4/5 x1 3p

Energy Channel x2 3p

FOCUSarrow-10x10.png Energy x3 2p

Rending Strike x2 3p



Gemini Cross x2 4p

Reaping Spiral x5 2p

Iron PHOENIXarrow-10x10.png x1 8p

Fracturing Wind x5 2p

Sundering Weave x2 5p

Shattering Storm 5p



Enemy Radar 8p

Rifle Scavenger 6p

Sniper Scavenger 6p

Physique 7p

Energy Siphon 12p


Looking for

(To trade with mods available above)


Rare Fusion cores

Orthos prime parts




Pm me or leave a reply if you are interested.

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