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Prime Manticore Axe Skin?


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Manticore Wraith

But this is not gonna happen.

I don't see anywhere that DE say anything about "upgraded" weapons or even skins are restricted to any single faction; leaving the posibility a weapon/skin can be prime, wraith, vandal and infested at the same time... in facts, few already have two or more versions.
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DE's problem with build-able skins with different stats. They don't require slots if you have the original weapon. Nor do they require a new catalyst, or more leveling. Or more forma.

They haven't done a damage stat skin in a long time. And thats what everyone would expect out of a prime.


Now releasing older damage skins as its own dragon (dagger zoren, dagger axe), wraith (brokk, manticore) weapon would be nice.

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