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How About Giving Visual Effects To Huras's Hunt?


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Okay, I love my Kubrows. Mainly like to use Raksa and Huras. Raksa is cool because of its protect and and Howl which has nice effects that change color depending on the Kubrow's energy. And for Huras, I mainly like its Hunt ability since it's the best offensive ability that the Kubrows have. It deals lots of damage and the knock down is a sweet bonus. Now my "problem" with this ability is that it's lacking all the cool effects like the Excalibur's Slash Dash and Rhino's Charge. I dunno why, but it makes the move look so lacking in my opinion. Just a small and modest looking energy "pulse" would look cool enough.


So what I would like to have is Hunt with similar (more modest) effects as Slash Dash and that the effect would change color depending on Kubrow's energy (eye) color.


After all I'm not breeding my Kubrows to have blue eyes for nothing :3

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