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So Stalker Ran Away?


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I was playing a Grineer survival on Sedna I think, and the Stalker decided to pay me a visit. Unfortunately for me, I just forma'd my Valkyr. Unfortunately for the Stalker, I had my Dual Ichors on. He teleported behind me and I slashed him a little bit with my melee, then I got low on hp and helicoptered away a little bit. After sitting in a corner being scared $h1tle$$ for a couple of minutes I realised that he disappeared. At first I thought I must have killed him and the dialogue didn't come up. I looked around where I last saw him, and there was no Bp's or evidence of a Stalker death. I had game music turned off so I didn't know if the Stalker theme was playing or not. I took a screenshot but there's nothing too special about it, so I won't upload it.


(EDIT): I continued the mission normally, still semi-scared that he'd appear, but he didn't.

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