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Goofy Skins?


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Sup guys, i was just scrolling through some threads and saw that discussed cosmetics and some1 mentioned something about more alternative skins. So that gave me an idea, maybe a silly idea, but i'm thinking people would actually go with it. What would you guys say to every frame having goofy skins, meaning skins that reflect frames on what animal or thing they were based off.


For example:


Ash - a spider(?)

Banshee - the ancient Irish spirit called "Banshee"(cartoony version)

Ember - chicken(?)

Excalibur - dolphin seems right, just imagine a fin on his back...so basically make the infested armor set part of his body.

Frost - crab

Hydroid - hentai  i mean squid or that octopus captain from Pirates of the Caribbean

Loki - hammerhead shark

Mag - ...idk

Mirage - ...uh...idk

Nekros - ...he already kinda looks infested...

Nova - busted egg or something idk

Nyx - ...Nemesis from Dark Sector(?)

Oberon - ...a deer or fairy king

Rhino - ...a rhino(wtf else were you expecting)

Saryn - super model

Trinity - lobster

Valkyr - cat

Vauban - Train

Volt - that guy from metal gear rising who can divide his body into pieces

Zephyr - a fking bird...raven...sparrow?...woodpecker...a bird


What would you guys put in the place? Do you like my idea?

Please do tell(this is starting to sound like a youtube vid) anyway i'm out!




EDIT: changed Banshee's skin idea, yeah i did some research on it.

          Excalibro seems to be a dolphin of some sorts.

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I think Excal looks kind of like a dolphin


Mag could have a large acme magnet on her head


Mirage......polka dots and a red nose


I would totally rock any of these, just for the looks

Lol Mirage with polka dots and a red nose xD i can just see it happening xD and fair enough, excalibro like a dolphin...that'll actually make a lot of sense with the upcoming water tileset.

Nothing goofy plz. It starts with something harmless and ends with gangnam style dance emotes for our warframes....

DE said they were gonna add emotes anyway so why not

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