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Z-Level ( ? ) Bug With Torid/fireblast


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I am seeing the same bug when using Torid and Ember's Fireblast. These are both placeable continuous damage effects, so the problems may be related.


The issue is that enemies on even a slightly different level of elevation from the damage source placement take no damage at all. This occurs even on the slight difference in elevation from standing on a door jamb between rooms.


Effectively, since so much of the map ( particularly grineer maps ) has varying z-levels because of the map design ( unevenly matched floor plates and the like ), you can end up placing these clouds in such a way that they do no damage at all. Enemies simply pass through or stand in them, ignoring their effects.


There is a similar effect you get from placing torid clouds on walls and such, where corners or minor projections render the cloud totally ineffective.


These effects should really persist through walls, particularly a gas cloud.


Unrelated, the NPCs AI avoids Ember's fireblast when placed. No other placed damage effect does this. The AI will seek a different path, and if one isn't available, will simply stop moving. Sometimes they stop outside the effect, sometimes they stop far away ( like in a different room ). I don't understand why NPCs will happily charge into other placed damage/cc effects ( all of vauban's abilities, torid, active soundquakes, tornadoes, etc, etc ), but they avoid Ember's Fireblast- even if they don't have LOS on it!


Thanks for reading~

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