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My Excaliber Statue Came In The Mail Today. Pictue Update 3.0.5


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Oh man Such great work to it I got Statue Number 0219. Thanks DE you are the best.




Behold the True Quality of the statue


Patch Notes


1.0 Original Picture

2.0 Updated Picture

3.0 Fixed Link

3.0.5 See the true Quality

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Sweet! and gratts!


I got a mail about a package today! ... but the post office was closed when I got off work!

crossing my fingers for it to be the statue :D the suspense is killing me because I don't know what it is!





how could i get one of these


It was a limited run :<



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well I probably wouldn't have gotten it anyways with it costing $80


Could you do a bend test to see the true quality of the statue?


watch someone who does this break theirs lol

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