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My Excaliber Statue Came In The Mail Today. Pictue Update 3.0.5


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Okay he arrived, lucky #0113 (SO close to being #1...11) ^_^


I checked him out to make sure he was in proper shape, thankfully he is. On quick inspection, he's pretty damn awesome. His level of detail is very nice. The paint is in the proper places and fairly crisp. He's a very well made figure and I'm thrilled to have him heading to his new home on my shelf.


DE, please oh please make more Warframe statues. Seeing more frames come out would be awesome if they're on par with Excalibur. Only suggestion, please up the number produced. Start with the run of 1000, if they sell out, please don't make it so limited another run can't be made.


Get out a Loki/Frost/Volt and you can seriously have more of my money.

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