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Highwinds [Event & End Game] Is Looking For Experienced & Active Members!


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~ Highwinds ~

We're looking for Active & Hardcore players :

We're looking for members that would be interested by what most people would consider the "hardcore" part of warframe : The end game, and the Events.
What I mean by Events is trying to score for the Leaderboards, if not as an individual (check the "Bragging part" below), at least as a Clan ("Bragging part" below as well)
And well, active means what it means, we're absolutely not interested in inactive/casual players! :)

So, here is the accurate list of requirements :

  • Over ~900 hours of gameplay (more or less 40days in game on your Profile).
  • Must have most, if not all the Warframes (to be able to adapt to any setup).
  • MUST be daily active!
  • MUST be respectuful to everyone (not just clan members).
  • You need to be ready to be more active on Events (as Kickbot says, "Sleep is for casuals.").
  • There is no proper MR requirement, but we're looking for experienced players with most of the Warframes, so that should easily put you over MR15 (exceptions can be made).
  • This list looks good.
  • What am I doing right now...
  • #YOLO ?

Ahem, anyways, the emblem :


Other notable things :

We're in a small alliance (Filthy Casuals) with the fabulous Shadow clan Neuro!
We have private channels on the TeamSpeak that Neuro generously shares with us :3
We have the Silver Statue for the False Profit event!
We like to farm/grind like cray cray during things like double weekend and such, because that's who we are! :3

I read about the "Bragging part" earlier, what is it exactly ?

Since we're an Event oriented clan that likes to do what's considered hardcore and such, here goes :

Gate Crash Specters of Liberty

Ghost Clans Players

1 1297 S K Y N E T 1 25435 -XeqtR (Tenn Os)
2 1090 Ion Deluge 1 25435 buriburi (Tenn Os)
3 883 Division Fenris 2 24172 Rilict-EGT- (Eingreiftrupp)
4 784 Judicators Deadly Squad 3 23003 -IDS-Eliminator_one (Iron Death Squad)
5 419 Highwinds 4 21535 Haukai (Highwinds)
6 348 Igdrasil 5 21285 NeoDarkSider (Coup de Grace)
7 271 AdvancedReconCommandos 6 12345 Fraank-EGT-_WeRecruitYou (Eingreiftrupp)
8 204 Wings of Dystopia 7 11111 --collstro-- (Warbros Prime)
9 199 Torgue Tested Tenno 8 10555 greenlantern2 (A******)
10 195 Vanguard Elite 9 9981 Darkranger (l Soviet Union I)

Eyes of Blight

Raw leaderboards : Audited Leaderboards

Ghost Clans
Ghost Clans

1. 10 Tenno 2,147,483,520 1. Ion Deluge 291,471,423
2. Ion Deluge 1,928,111,117 2. Highwinds 239,278,118
3. Judicators Deadly Squad 1,678,773,319 3. Forever Alone Tenno 125,688,595
4. Forgotten Creatures 1,287,001,958 4. NightR4id 106,379,851
5. Highwinds 800,361,101 5. FEGF 105,938,592
6. Peruja 674,504,231 6. R E D 98,567,808
7. THE GREEN ELEPHANT 485,953,536 7. AvAElite 97,914,602
8. R E D 244,510,310 8. SabertoothGaming 96,547,887
9. Gorgonzola 215,475,933 9. Forgotten Creatures 94,136,402
10. The Ego Of BerserkingAce 214,748,352 10. coopcrew 85,837,653

False Profit

Top 10 Players:

282050 Bot_6, Quasars
271284 2Legit4U360YOLOSWAGGA420, Warbros No Fun Allowed
253885 reyenvanV2, Highwinds
253885 Haukai, Highwinds
227202 IlluminantVanguard, Aurora Lux
200050 -SkT-GarethJax, S K Y N E T
192103 -CKY-Jesiotr, Camp Kill Yourself
189225 Pugo, Coup de Grace
189224 Weidro, Coup de Grace
188112 SplitJawLewy, Aurora Lux

Ghost Clans

4000 Geon Polaris TOP, AvAElite, Drop The Potato, S K Y N E T, Judicators Deadly Squad
3700 Highwinds
3600 AdvancedReconCommandos, 10 Tenno
3572 Assassins Nexus Rebirth
3556 ME3TEAM
3424 Badass Stalkers
3402 Galactic Super Squad Turbo Space Tokusentai Elite Megaforce Champions from Space Australia
3200 Silent Hill Zero
3192 Excellence and Danger

Random Stuff

The T4 Defense Leaderboards a lil while ago :

(Blue line = clannie :D)
Edit: Bot_6 is no longer a member of our clan :(
Huge thanks to kojacques from Mogamu for his amazing work on these runs. He rocks <3

A quick pic of a T3 survival run (pic was taken 5 minutes before we crashed :


During the double credits weekend (I learnt about it a day after it started, and had no T4 Cap keys, same thing with Rey)

About the Gate Crash event : We were only 2 active members in the clan back then :/ (Also, thanks a thousand time to the Evil Monkeys for all the help they gave us on that event!)
About the False Profit event : We had one inactive, which prevented us from reaching the top score (4000) and getting the Gold trophy, we still won Silver tho!

TL;DR : I don't know, I didn't read it either, 'tis way too long! D:

Note: TeamSpeak isn't mandatory, but it makes the game a lot more fun, and is required for games such as raids for a matter of coordination.

EDIT: Recruitment closed for now.


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Highwinds are an excellent clan, for players who like end-game and are good at it. For the short time I have been a member of it, I find it as one of the better clans I have been in. Playing with other players that knows what to do in certain types of games and have deeper understanding of the game helps alot. Im not saying that Im good at it, I have just become better with the help of Haukai.


We dont really do much until the events comes. Some longer T4 survival runs, or farming stuff, ranking stuff or daily reputation farms. 

Unfortunely, we didnt do well in Mutalist Incursions, simply because we didnt have enough members around. We did very well during the Eyes of the Blight, before and after the leaderboards changes. Everyone did their job. But once again, unfortunely, we wont get anything from DE this time, althought we came second place as a clan. 


So we are looking for players that are active enough, likes endgame and got time for that. Mastery rank is not a big problem as long as you have some standard stuff, like maxed serration, hornet strike and similar. We got TS now, but its not a requirement to join. But it would make it alot easier for most of us. Funnier too. 

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Yup, as Izu said, most of us are around GMT+1 (5 of us are), another one is GMT+2, and the last one is from the US, around the EDT time I believe (more or less 7 hours behind GMT+1). Then again, being pretty active, and having f'ed up sleeping schedules, there is pretty much always at least one member online, no matter the time you log onto the game at ;D

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Yep, we still got 2 spots! Sent you a friend request in game so we could talk a bit :)
Edit : since it's already 6am, and I haven't slept yet, you should try to contact Izukura if I do not reply/am not on anymore! :p

Edited by Haukai
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The T4 Defense Leaderboards earlier this week (just cuz #Yolo, and why not) =D :

(Blue line = clannie :D)

Huge thanks to kojacques from Mogamu for his amazing work on this run. He rocks <3


So close to breaking that 2hours cap, god dammit!! D:

Still recruiting, 1 spot open :3

Edited by Haukai
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  • 3 weeks later...

Looking to join, love end-game warframe and wouldn't mind tagging along. Hopefully you guys do daily raids for credits. Been playing since release on steam, 1237 hours (on steam), active daily. I've played enough moba/CSGO to be well-coordinated in a lot of games. I am looking forward to more end-game related content in the future that I could adventure with you guys.

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We'll review both of your applications as soon as possible. I'm personally currently setting up my newly bought laptop (had to install an OS, and I'm still downloading all the drivers/updates), and long story short : it takes a lot of time out of me.

Please note that we also only have one potential spot left (half inactive member), so we won't be able to accept the both of you even if we feel like you'd be a great match!

Once again, sorry about the delay, we'll try to get back to you asap!

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Orokon Derelict Defense Leaderboards :




The story:

First run : Haukai, reyenvanV2, Izukura & me lost at the wave 96, the cryo was one-shot by an infested.
So we have restart with Haukai, Slaviar and XxYukimaruGinxX, unfortunately Yuki has crash at the wave 68 (1h 56s).
At the wave 90, the difficult part : infested was lvl 750+
At the wave 105 : infested was lvl 1750+
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