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Suggestion-The Game Overhaul Build


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To create this build, you have to be very equipped for farming the rarest pieces in the depths of the Void. Many have tried, few made it out alive and sane. You could lose yourself in there, Tenno.


This build will require a few items, all of which need to be modded with careful consideration. For the first item of the build, I would suggest you farm for the “Enemy System Overhaul.” After that, you should farm for the “Drop System Overhaul.” Again I must stress, Tenno, that you be careful as you seek out these. You will begin to question the reason why you are even doing this and why this even makes sense to begin with. But you must stay strong, you must not forget your path in that dark place. finally, the last item of the build is the “Event System Overhaul.”


Of course, you don’t have to go for all these items in that specific order, but it is merely a suggestion to start with the most difficult item first and then to the easiest. However, it is entirely up to you the order in which you want to pursue them. I expect that each of these items will span a few updates. So be patient, Tenno. And good luck.


Farming for the Enemy System Overhaul            

This build requires parts that will take a rather long time to farm. And please, you are not in the Void to find things to sell for platinum. This build will be very essential in the future to come.



1.       Difficulty System Rearrangement

2.       Eximus System Rearrangement

3.       Boss System Rearrangement

4.       Stalker System Rearrangement


Build Time: estimated 2 major updates



Difficulty System Rearrangement


You have acquired this piece of the Enemy System Overhaul. And im sure it was one of the hardest to acquire. There are many aspects to this piece that may seem both relevant and irrelevant, but ultimately, this build is not about changing the levels of the enemies, but rather changing the challenge of the enemies.


To start, let’s look into the tier system of various things in the game. It seems to be primarily used in the Void, Defense, and Survival modes and do not bear much significance elsewhere. The difficulty of enemies appears to be determined solely by level alone, however a weak Tenno with powerful weapons, if careful enough can prove overwhelming to forces of considerable might. This must be taken into account when determining the difficulty of a given planet or node. With this in mind, it is advised to apply the tier system to all planets and nodes in general.


The tiers should be determined by enemy level and the level of the given challenge. It should also be determined by what mastery rank and conclave rating a Tenno is suggested to have  in order to play and complete said mission, as a group or solo. Because the difficulty of the tiers are to be determined by mastery, the tile sets of said tier should contained aspects based on the mastery tests of that tier. However, it is not to say that planets of that tier can only be accessible to Tenno with the required mastery rank. It should just be used as a reference point to determine how challenging the enemies are.


The tier system in theory should be carefully organized. An ideal classification could be as follows:

Tier 1: level 0-10

Tier 2: level 11-20 or 11-25

Tier 3: level 21-35 or 25-40


The distribution of enemy level per planet would have to be reorganized to conform to the adjusted tier system.


Other than the tier system, the types of challenges the current enemies bring are somewhat limited, somewhat. Part of this is said because there is still confusion about weapons that are researched through clan dojos. Some of the weapons simply do not exist among enemies. It is clear that some weapons researched were invented by researchers rather than studied and refined. But the question is, where is the line drawn between research and invention? With that in mind, some of the research weapons that are not among enemies ought to be provided among enemies, giving even more enemy types and more challenges for Tenno to face. it would be nice to see a Crewman wielding a Quanta or a Grineer carrying a Jat Kittag.


Providing more research weapons among enemy factions, excluding bio research weapons, will provide new challenges that the tenno will have to face. it is suggested that the Corrupted be provided with Void-based weapons. And speaking of Corrupted, why is it that the Corrupted Grineer have Dera’s? where does that even begin to happen in any given tower? And why are Butcher/Powerfist class Grineer even holding firearms in the first place?  there has to be a bit more clarity than that.


That being said, the next step would be a more randomized distribution of enemies. The one big question is: why is there a relatively equal distribution of enemy types in any given area in the entire system? Who’s to say that there isn’t a given area where there just so happens to be more Scorpions or Bombards than another? Granted, there already exists some distribution differences, but as random as tile sets and environmental hazards are, there should be just as many possibilities for the distribution of enemies. Also, that distribution should be relative to the tier difficulty system mentioned before. for example, if you are in a Tier 1 planet, the difficulty of a tile with more Bombards than usual should be relatively equal to a tile with more Butchers than usual. Again there is no reason why enemies should be equally distributed.


With that in mind, the distribution system for the Void and Infested tiles is even more absurd. Nodes like those especially need to have more enemy types. There is no good reason why even the Neural Sentry would equally distribute enemies at a constant throughout any of the towers relative to faction. The Void and the Infested need much more enemy types relative to the other factions and their own. I think it’s about time we, the Tenno, know how the Neural Sentry has an efficient method in Corrupting victims that stroll by. The Neural Sentry should have its own enemy type, a proxy or drone to be specific. Some type of drone with enough might to outdo groups of strong victims and declare them subject to indoctrination. This unit will be a formidable foe to Tenno and will be distributed in a similar manner to the Prosecutors on Ceres. There can also be a lesser unit similar to the Guardsmen in Ceres as well. Whether they drop something significant is entirely up to you, Tenno.


Moving on to the Infested enemies. Their distribution system is just as absurd and obscure as the Corrupted. The distribution makes no sense whatsoever. How can there be Grineer Infested in a Corpus-controlled sector? And vice versa. Also, the distribution begs the question: what exactly are the Ancients? Rather, what were they? Are they as their titles suggest, ancient? If so, why are they anywhere but the Derelict ships, where they clearly have been for a very long time. And you cannot say that they simply invaded certain areas. The infestation is not an invasion, it is an outbreak. Therefore, there wouldn’t be any Infested of opposing factions in a given area, not even the Derelicts. Because there needs to be a more organized distribution with the Infested based on faction, there needs to be a a greater variety in faction-based Infested. I cannot tell you how to achieve this. I can only tell you what must be done. And along with the idea of greater variety, there needs to be different types of Ancients to fill the Derelicts. Infact, the only enemy that should even be in the Derelicts are ancients. And the Corrupted that come from the Derelicts should only either be drone/proxy units as mentioned before, or Corrupted Ancient types. It is unknown how the Dark Sectors have so many infested, but one can only speculate that they are called so because they are central sources for infested. Either way, the distribution of Infested in the Dark Sectors, needs to be faction-based, excluding Eris which clearly has many types of factions incorporated in them.


That is all for the Difficulty System Rearrangement.



Eximus System Rearrangement


Now then, Tenno, we have finally cleared the most difficult part of this item. Now that you have gathered this part, our path in finishing this item will run much smoother.


Eximus. What is Eximus? It is simply a challenge system placed in elite-type enemies. It is a good system, but it doesn’t make sense. There is no clear reason why a Grineer Arson Eximus just has the random ability to cast fire, and it’s not even relative to what said Grineer even looks like. It could be a Butcher, Heavy Gunner. There is no true way of determining what this specific Eximus is going to look like. They just spawn with whatever appearance they are provided. The same goes for every other faction. Now, granted, Shock eximus are exclusive to Crewman-type enemies, but there is no given reason why that Crewman just so happens to have the ability to remove all energy a Tenno has.


The solution is to completely dissolve Eximus enemies and replace them with similar enemies that make more logical sense. For example, a fire-based Grineer could have its own distinct look that clearly spells out the fact that he/she has fire-based abilities. By this logic, we already have one: Ruk. Ruk has abilities that are similar to that of an Arson/Caustic Eximus. Additionally, there are the Hyenas, which display elemental abilities. Granted, there are non-elemental Eximus types, but the fact that there are enemies that make the Eximus obsolete if mass produced shoes that Eximus-types are not a necessary challenge. Even the Ancient Disruptor has exactly the same abilities as a Shock Eximus. So it begs the question of why there even needs to be Eximus in the first place. They can easily be replaced with new non-Eximus enemy types that clearly look like they were specialized for things that the Eximus were.


That is all for the Eximus System Rearrangement.



Boss System Rearrangement


This part is somewhat relative to the enemy distribution system changes suggested in the Difficulty System Rearrangement.


This is relative to the idea that the current number of bosses is limited. It also begs the question of why bosses are even needed in a given planet, and why they are isolated only to that specific planet. True, Vor and Lech Kril diversify, but that is not enough. Yes, the boss system is linear, but it is because the system is linear why the system needs to be reworked. We have not enough lore based on any given boss to say that said boss should remain in said planet. If anything, there should be rotations every once and a while on boss locations if it is not lore-conflicting. This means that enemies that have no specific significance to a planet can migrate. Enemies like Alad V and Vorcannot because Alad V’s lore on how he is to specifically be defeated is set on Jupiter. Enemies like Lech Kril, Nef Anyo, or Tyl Regor don’t have said significance.


Since Frohd Bek, in a past event, had been manufacturing Hyena Ng’s, it is clear that the Pack itself are not sole creations. They are robots, after all, and if one Pack is destroyed, another can easily take its place elsewhere. Any boss or future boss like the Hyena Pack should instead be occasional bosses or even Alert bosses. This would also mean that the lore for bosses like those would have to be adjusted.


That is all for the Boss System Rearrangement.



Stalker System Rearrangement


This rearrangement part does not concern specifically the Stalker, but enemies that hunt down Tenno like him. The only current hunter enemies that do that are the Harvester/Zanuka Hunter and the Grustrag 3. Corrupted Vor might count as well. The whole system for them is interesting but it doesn’t give enough ground as to why specifically those enemies are hunting you down. There ought to be more Stalker-type enemies that hunt you down. There is just not enough lore to explain how they can hunt you down as many times as they do. There should be more Stalker-type enemies in general, because we are literally only limited to 3-4 of them. Why can’t we have 6-8 of them? and with that in mind, with that many potential Stalker-types, there has to be a system that determines which one will go after you, because with the current 3-4, it’s too generalized. It could be based on the planet that you committed your actions, or something else. Either way, there’s too little that you can get from any of them. The more Stalker-types the more you can get.


Along with the suggestion related to the Hyena Pack in the Boss System Rearrangement, there could be robotic enemy Stalker-types. I cannot bring myself to believe that Alad V has a considerable supply of Zanuka Hunters. Why not just have a Hyena hunt you down every once and a while?


That’s just a start. But that is all for the Stalker System Rearrangement.

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Farming for the Drop System Overhaul

I hope you are glad to be completely done with the Difficulty System Overhaul, Tenno, because I was. That was a very time consuming item to build. Now, we can tread on more steady waters. This build doesn’t require that many components, but mostly requires expertise in coding because providing a Drop System Overhaul will take some massive coding alterations.



1.       Mission System Rearrangement

2.       Drop System Rearrangement

3.       A massive expertise in coding

4.       50 Orokin Cells(to make sure it sticks with the game)


Build Time: estimated 1 major update.



Mission System Rearrangement and Drop System Rearrangement


Well, both of these can be mashed up into one subject, Tenno.


Missions are meh right now. There is not much motivation to do a random mission in Neptune that is not an alert. The Drop System Overhaul is not just about drops, but also about rewards, because drops ARE rewards in a way. The only time doing a mission has any significance to a Tenno is if it is quest-related, alert-related, xp-related, etc. There has to be a greater form of motivation that will keep Tenno going back and back again to a given planet’s many nodes and doing missions that are not for farming or training. Give one good reason why a Tenno would go to Mars other than to farm for Salvage, Mag parts, or xp. Many missions nodes go neglected for this very reason. There has to be action taken.


I cannot determine a specific way we can do this, but there has to be a newly added feature that would make a Tenno do more nodes on any given planet. There is virtually no reason to even to to Eris, Mercury, etc. so, create a feature that would attract Tenno to those places. It could be lore-related or not, but it must be frequent enough. Invasions, quite frankly, do not count. Granted, some Tenno go to rescue missions for Specter blueprints, but how popular can you say that is? The majority of us don’t even use Specters, as I have noticed. The only time Specters are of any concern to a Tenno is mostly due to a Solar Rail conflict. And that’s not enough to get Tenno to frequently do various missions on a given planet. A suggestion would be to implement in a rewarding system related to this problem.


That aside, the only drop systems that maintain shape are those of Survival, Defense, Interception and Derelict Vault missions. Granted, those missions, and Void missions, are the only ones that drop things. But as more warframes come about, more methods in acquiring warframes have to be created. Mirage is the first warframe to be acquired by quest. Are we to say that this will be a new system for every upcoming warframe starting at Update 14? The only other warframes that have different methods of acquisition besides Mirage are Vauban, Oberon, and warframes that are researched. Every other warframe is acquired either by defeating a boss or by reward in the Void. The Void drop system passes but the boss drop system doesn’t. what makes it that the Jackal specifically drops Rhino parts? What does Rhino have to do with Venus anyway? What does Hydroid have to do with Vay Hek? What does Oberon have to do with Eximus types? Sure, maybe some of the bosses or enemies related to that planet probably discovered blueprints, but that’s only a possibility. There is no clarity on this issue.


There needs to be a more clear system that distributes warframe parts in a way that makes sense. I suggest implementing in a system that is similar to the Orokin Vaults in the Derelicts; perhaps, in some missions in a given planet, you discover a hidden area that contains a blueprint discovered and secured by the corresponding faction. This can even be done isolated to Assassination missions. However, this should be a generic system to be used for rare resource drops. The only time you should rely on the mobs for a rare resource drop is in Defense, Survival, and Interception. The same concept should be implemented in the void as well. Why? Because the Vaults in the Orokin Derelicts conform to this rule. And the Void is just as Orokin as the Derelicts. So why would there not be a similarity in acquisition? However, instead of requiring a key to extract the reward from the Void, rather, there would be a type of Guardian unit that holds the key to the Void Vault. That makes more sense than plowing through a mission and somehow acquiring said part.


Also, hidden rooms: a perfect place for argon crystals and rare mods to be. Additionally to the whole Vault thing, if the mods in the Derelicts are corrupted, who’s to say that the Void doesn’t have non-corrupted versions? Food for thought.


That concludes the requirements for this item.


Farming for the Event System Overhaul

You have finally acquired the final piece of the Overhaul build, Tenno. I bet it wasn’t easy. But either way, you have acquired it, and that is great. This is the last piece of the puzzle.



1.       Quest System Rearrangement

2.       Event System Rearrangement

3.       600 Oxium(only people with Zephyr will understand the pain)

4.       25 Orokin Cells(because Orokin)


Build Time: estimated 1 major update or less.



Quest System and Event System Rearrangement


Both of these go together. They are quite related to one another.


First off.. are we going to have to wait a whole update before we receive a new quest? Many Tenno are eager for some lore. So it is advised to make quests more frequently. It is suggested to take a break on events and bringing out more quests. What I would like to see is “rerun quests.” Basically the idea is that some Tenno have been awakened to this world quite late and tend to miss out on lore, for which the only archive for lore is on the Wiki site… some Tenno would rather have the lore in their hands now. Sure, they missed the events of the past, but that doesn’t mean those events can’t be reworked in quest format. Sure, some of the Wraith/Vandal rewards would be unobtainable, but that is alright, as long as Tenno can get something out of it. I want to feel the lore-packed impact of the Cicero Crisis that I missed out on. Of course, there would have to be a good conclusion to such quests that would have to be fitted into the canon, and that’s alright. And if rerun quests are not an option, then I guess there should just be more quests in general.


I would suggest bringing out a quest just as frequently as events come out. Of course, Tenno, this would mean a lower frequency in events. The story of a Tenno’s past is lost to him/her, so he/she must form a new one. A Tenno is awakened to a new world full of new stories that must be completed. Events don’t completely contribute to it that well. Of course, current events are buildups to future lore content, but it is not enough as it doesn’t match with the frequency of how quests come out.


That is all for the Quest System and Event System Rearrangement.



You have successfully implemented in the Overhaul build. You will notice that every feature from each item corresponds with one another. You will be a formidable foe against all other games. Use this power wisely! And good luck, Tenno.

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Complements to the Build


In the Void, you may have acquired additional items, both cosmetic and for utility. They may prove to be more significant than you think.




You may have used your researched labs at one point or another, Tenno, but there needs to be more clarity as to why certain items must be researched. Let’s take a closer look at the chemical lab and Grineer weaponry in general. We know that most of the Grineer weapons are generic in terms of damage. However, some of the weapons that seem to require chemical research(Marelok, Grinlok) do not show any qualities that would suggest chemical makeup. It is understandable that some weapons just need to be placed there for the sake of distribution, but some research weapons simply do not display the need to be researched. I can understand if the qualities of a given weapon match the need for it to be researched, but anything beyond that does not really make sense.


Also, I can believe that Tenno weapons need to be researched. That is believable given the various qualities of such weapons that must be rediscovered by a newly awoken Tenno. However, what makes Banshee, Volt, and Zephyr researchable? One could say that they all display qualities that are a bit unique compared to other warframes and need to be researched, but the exact same thing can be said for all warframes in general. If anything, the one warframe that should definitely be researched is Nova, whose existence is due to Tenno high council research. But she isn’t being researched right now, is she? There has to be a bit more clarity as to why a specific warframe needs to have their abilities researched. And no, there’s no evidence to suggest that the research warframes were conceptualized in the current era, because Volt definitely isn’t. the only good reason for there to be warframes in the Tenno lab is if the warframes were newly conceptualized in the current era of the lore. But that is not the case at the moment. And for such a thing to be even remotely possible, a new research component ought to be made, something related to the Void.



Damage 2.1


As if Damage 2.0 weren’t bad enough for those who seem unsatisfied with it. it was the rise of some weapons, and the downfall of others, it seems. However, clarity must be achieved. And no, clarity in this category is not going to explain how the bullets of the Soma can cut someone in half. No, it’s more about the types of gunfire that exist in the game. This is only related to all corpus weapons in general. I mean, yeah, I can believe that they are actual physical bullets, but they have energy qualities, otherwise their weapons wouldn’t be researched in the Energy Lab. There ought to be another damage type that’s related to energy and lasers, yet another thing to complement the elemental damage types that already complicate the system. But the plus side would be that, like some would believe of corrosive damage, this energy/laser damage would be well-rounded and universal. And corpus weapons shouldn’t even be doing physical damage anyways, energy/laser damage should replace that. I mean, why give a Band-Aid mod that protects against laser damage when there isn’t even a mod that gives laser damage to our weapons.



Prime Access


Relating to the idea of adding platinum, affinity boost, and credit boost into Prime Access bundles: NO, NO, and don’t forget: NO!


A Tenno buys an $80 prime access bundle. If they play their cards right, they will be done with this game and all they have left to do is train the next new weapon and frame. Give them about a month, and they’ll be done with that, and all this game will be to them is just a game where all they have left to do is train or farm for platinum to buy the cosmetics. A Tenno buys the $140 bundle…well, that’s up to imagination. Of course, that is IF said Tenno plays his/her cards right.


Some Tenno just want ONLY the actual items and not the extra unnecessary thing that are stuffed into the pack. Yes, its discounted platinum, but not all of us were asking for discounted platinum in the first place.


Also, the logic of going by Prime Access completely undermines the logic of the whole marketplace of bundles. You don’t get 100 rare 5 cores by purchasing the Mirage Bundle.


The other point is, even without adding the unnecessary items into prime access, you will still make profit from it because people buy update bundles anyway… and for some people, it is discouraging to have to spend at most $140 at one given time. If the platinum thing was lifted, people would probably be more willing to pay for the less expensive prices. but also, the pices still need to be adjusted to their actual value compared to the non-prime versions. If not then, the adjusted price should be as follows(relative to the current Prime Access):


Control:  $20 minimum

Chaos:   about $35 minimum

Absorb: about $45 minimum


However, given that these items are primed items, the price would obviously be adjusted.





Needs more Darvo.



Bosses That Seem to be Speaking Grineer Giberish


Speak proper Grineer please!



Nef Anyo


Speak proper Corpus please!





I love Warframe, I play it almost every day. It is the one game that I ever do play. Im currently farming for Nyx Prime parts. So if you think I don’t enjoy this game based off of everything that has been written down, you are mistaken. I just simply like to ask the ultimate question: why is this game still in beta? Of course, it’s clear that the answer is, “because this game still needs to be worked on.” I think we all can agree on that, otherwise the devs wouldn’t continue to make massive changes to the game. Getting the game out of beta does not mean that the devs will stop making new content into the game. It does not mean that the story ends at all. What getting out of beta really means, in my honest opinion, is finalizing a system by which that content is presented. The system is always being improved and added on with every major update. This will continue to go on until a perfect system(discount Tron: Legacy) is created. Once this final system is made, there will be no need to rework it for a very long time. And at the current moment, it is still being reworked.


The creators and developers of Warframe are destined on a path to greatness, a path that will put them higher in the hierarchy of games if not at the very peak. But in order to do that, they need to improve on an already great game. I am simply giving my suggestions as a fan of the game. Of course, I did not cover every single thing there is to cover. I just wanted to provide my ideas for the general set of the game. That was my objective in writing all of this.


Thank you for reading.

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Energy weapons do deal different non-physical damage: many energy weapons deal Radiation damage, last I checked.

well no, the common elemental type for energy weapons currenly are either electricity or blast, which there are only two Energy weapons that deal blast: the quanta and the Penta, if you count the Penta...

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Augmented Reality Game. In short a game that takes place over both sides of the fourth wall. In long... well, look it up.

i see, well, no, i intended to use the "Overhaul" title just to give it a name. then again, it really would be an overhaul. but it honestly is just a mass suggestion if that makes any sense; presenting a series of different suggestions that somewhat correspond with one another and categorized...

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i see, well, no, i intended to use the "Overhaul" title just to give it a name. then again, it really would be an overhaul. but it honestly is just a mass suggestion if that makes any sense; presenting a series of different suggestions that somewhat correspond with one another and categorized...

I mean all the talk of crafting and items for each part of the suggestion. Was that being literal or just going overboard on the flavor?

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along the time i was cooking up the thread in my head(lol rhyme), i had also been planning on drawing an Arson Grineer, a concept that serves as a reference point to the whole thing about removing the Eximus types from the game and replacing them with more logical enemies


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