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Easiest/fastest Way To Solo Farm T3 Keys



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Easy to solo? with one of the frames i had?

There is no easy way to solo farm for T3 keys, you get them from game modes that are some of the hardest for solo at there core. 


Your best bet would be to play high level DS defence, infested are the only faction were you will have an easy time in defence.

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to Solo Defenses, Survivals, or Interceptions for Void Keys(meaning you'll be there for a while) - you'll need to change up your playstyle.


focusing on holding Enemies back and delaying them, rather than trying to rely on pure DPS.

that means Powers that can help with CC are important. there's quite a few options for that. just remember you also need to be able to protect yourself as well, since there's nobody else around to Revive you.

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