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Kestrel Clan Emblem Commission Request (Stenciled, Straight Lines)


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Hello all,


I'm looking to commission a clan emblem and am willing to pay for it.


I'm interested in getting a side profile of an American kestrel that look stenciled/abstract, with an extreme focus on straight lines to make it look overly artificial. It only needs to be a silhouette as well. The clan is thematically made in homage of a PMC/mercenary group, so I'm trying to make it look like a "war emblem" and feel that this is the best way to get that feeling. The emblem could consist of one or many "stenciled" zones, but it should be colored 351516 in hex. The pose isn't as important to me, and I could see value in multiple takes on this (perched, flying, etc). I wouldn't mind including a few maple leaves to accent the emblem if it's felt that it'll add to the production value and improve the aesthetic.


It's very important for me that I capture the correct aesthetic here, so I'm looking for people who are comfortable providing mock-ups to give me a better idea of what it'll turn out like before committing to a particular commission. 


I recently reached out to Liger-Inuzuka about this and let him know that one of his previous clan emblems really had a similar "flat and stenciled" aesthetic to what I'm looking for: http://liger-inuzuka.deviantart.com/art/Warframe-Moonlit-Street-Clan-Emblem-452222074


Would anyone like to take a swing at this? I'm flexible with respect to payment and it'd mean a lot to us!


Thanks for your time

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