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Community Marketplace Concept


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so i've started trading a bit, but its not really effective when your trade post gets buried in hundreds of other posts, so why not add an in-game community market? where people can put something in, like a T4 key, and ask for a specific amount of platinum, and ofcourse the T4 key would be removed from their inventory and held in the system untill it is purchased by someone else. or even add the option to add real money onto your Warframe account and purchase items people put up with real money, that way when you put up an item and enter the amount of money you want, DE gets a percentage of the profit earned. Valve did this on Steam and it works beautifully. 


for those who dont use Steam heres what the Community Market looks like;



it even has a warframe option since skins and syndanas are tradable via steam

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Yes please. I'd love if DE possibly added WF as a whole to the Steam market/trading system (yes, I am fully aware of the summer/winter items, but I'm referring to mods, kubrow genes, prime parts, and platinum). Granted, that form of implementation is unlikely to work as there's a considerable number of players that play outside of Steam, but it'd definitely be nice, nonetheless.

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