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When are you going to tune up neckros i believe there are enough threads and people who agree it needs a overhaul, i understand that neckros is intended to farm with and help with health orb supply.


p.s. i am a very big fan of him formad 5 times 



i just want some feedback from DE on it,is in the works, being thought about or on the to do list


also i could just be looking for some hype :)


thanks DE for the awesome game (still better than destiny)

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As feedback, you may want to mention specifics about Nekros and his abilities, rather than the generic 'needs an overhaul'. Otherwise add your two cents to pre-existing threads to expand upon your thoughts.

with all the threads there is honestly no reason to mention it, everyones concerns are pretty much around the same thing.


with that said i will take the advice and do that next time thanks ::)

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