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Searching For Teamplayers (Europe)


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Hey there,

I am looking for some people who want to play in a squad when they are online to do some teambased gameplay.

E.g. Stalkerfarming / Voidruns / t4farming / G3 / just normal missions...


No commitments - just playing when you want to.


I am mastery rank 7 and have currently 8 different warframes. You should have a minimum rank of 4 or some good loadouts to do some high levels. (and more than 1 Warframe so other squads than rhino / rhino / rhino / volt can be builded  ;)   )


I am 23 and from Germany - if timezones are a matter for you I recommend European players.

Btw. I dont like microphones ;).


If you are up to some teambased gameplay whenever it fits hit me up: mortei_ is my accountname under psn and warframe.


Looking forward to fight at your side tenno.




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