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Stuck In The Stairs After Doing Finisher


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May be related to https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/317434-old-parry-glitch-or-a-feature/


I was playing with my valkyr on Gabii Ceres trying to finish leveling my Dark Sword. I was meleeing normally, but when I activated Warcry, some crawlers and runners were staggered by combo and then Valkyr done finisher some steps away from her initial position. I got stuck twice, once when Valkyr did unexpected finisher near the wall, but I managed to get out using jumps and Ripline. Second stuck occured on the stairs, Valkyr did finisher on runner and got legs melted on stairway. Unfortunately I could not use ripline to get out and had to lose revive.




If it does matter:

-I was playing solo.

-Dark Sword had Crimson Dervish stance

-I was using block combo all the time

-Bug does not occur when on hysteria, I activated it on screen above to not die.

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