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Czech Clan : Legend Never Die Is Now Recruiting - Shadow Clan Full Dojo & Ts3


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Clan web:


Sometimes is stream here.




Clan: Booty Camp (moon clan) with about 200 members took several competitions in the def. maps leaderboards around the solar system  Unfortunately, during the course of it's existence many players became inactive. :-/ With the update 13 The Dark Sectors and new Alliance system activity of players began to decrease.

Booty Camp was renamed to Elite Clan Booty Camp



Elite Clan Booty Camp renamed clan to CeskoSlovenska Legie. Spent 2 months in Alliance Warhounds

Clan Terminated CeskoSlovenska Legie & Left the alliance.



Legend Never Die -  Shadow clan


Here are some informations about our clan: 

We are relatively the oldest Czech clan in Warframe, with high ambition to be 1st in the leaderboards. This clans leadership is formed out of couple friends, who eventually gave the clan its name. The clan members try to create a friendly community of "normal" gamers.

We strive to create comunity that want to have fun with the game, but also with the other "normal" people. What we mainly focus on is to be the most successful and therefore members of the Clan Legend Never Die do not want to be left behind, but on the contrary, our aim is to grab our share of the Dark Sectors ... 


Here are our few rules that everyone in our clan must follow: 

Clan revards the ranks accordingly to your activity. Generally, higher the rank the greater must be your activity and efficiency. 

Each member of the clan should regularly visit out channel Team Speak3 when he's in the game. At the same time at least once a week, check the private section of the clan and the clan page. 

Each member of the clan tries to treat other players as they would like other players to behaved towards them. Sometimes each of us will drive the nerves, but downright vulgar and racist slurs in the clan will not suffered


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