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Resetti La Starchart?


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Just a simple question really.


If you could reset your Progress on the starchart would you? You get to keep all your weapons, warframes, companions and mods.


I myself would. When the account resets was out one of the reasons i didnt reset is because i didnt want to lose every item that i had spent time on leveling. I would however love to go through the starchart again.

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yeah right. because doing all the exterminate, sabotage, mobile def, rescue non-defense/survival missions offers so much reward!!!11111... oh wait, actually it doesn't.


so no thanks, i'm still struggling to do a whole lot of worthless missions on some planets. not even mastery helps with the lack of motivation.

some days i'm glad when i manage to get one mission done that is not sechura/seimeni/void/odd/s because those offer so much more value for the time invested which should get fixed imo.

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