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Wts/wtt Mods, Prime Parts, And Huras Kubrow

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I'm usually online from 8pm to 11pm on weekdays. Weekend play time varies. Time zone is GMT+8.


Stances: Tranquil Cleave (max), Crimson Dervish, Iron Phoenix (max), Gemini Cross (max)


Auras: Infested Impedance, Speed Holster, Enemy Radar, Rifle Amp


Prime parts: Boar P BP, Boar P Receiver, Wyrm P Cerebrum


Also willing to trade for Bleeding Willow, Flailing Branch, Mag P Systems.


Medium sized, thin, I guess blue/gray fur male Huras Kubrow. Not sure about the pattern. See here: http://i57.tinypic.com/5l9sft.jpg


Selling both imprints for 100p total or straight up trade for two Sahasa Kubrow imprints. I don't care about the traits. I just need a Sahasa because it's the only breed I don't have yet.

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