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Sometimes in WF we get community designed additions just like Nova & Aegis-Silvia, so I wonder if there is like a box to send in designs Ideas for DE to put into WF

Also, is there a paint like'ish program which allows to make good designs and sketches ?

which is also free ?

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Nova, Silva & Aegis, Kronen  are all community concepts that won contests that DE put forward.


Zephyr was a fan concept that DE liked and decided to put into the game, while the fan concept was male, the in game frame was female, I believe DE was already thinking of a wind frame and the fan concept one of zephyr inspired them. 


There is no way to actually mail your idea to someone at DE, just post on the forums, they read it enough, if they like your idea, it might be worked into something. 


If DE do decide to use something that you or someone else has created they will inform and credit you with the idea.

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ok, good to know, I will look forward to suh contest and/or post ideas, thx for info, and btw,


1. how does one get a cool Profile photo ? I don't even use Rhino ..

2. and how to lvl up from initiate ?


1. Profile Pictures are available from the market to buy, you also get 4 icons from the beginning, if you want any more you'll have to buy them, there between 15 plat (for two icons) and 25 (for 4 icons). They are located in the bundles section of the market. If you hoping for the profile picture I currently have, sorry to say its no longer available.


2. Ranks of the forums do not equal rank in game, they can be different. In game rank is determined by how many mastery tests you've done and how much stuff you've levelled up. Rank on the forums refers to how many posts you've made on the forums.

For example, in game my rank is Silver Eagle which is Mastery rank 17, while on the forums, I'm a Gold Seeker.

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oh...sssoooo in game avatar is also your forum avatar ?

eehhh...bad I just spend my last p and now I'am collecting it to get status/dmg mods..

I was so lucky to have my WF launcher bugged while cryotic event was on what made connecting to servers impossible with launcher and even with steam....

my luck

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