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I Cannot Destroy A Specific Room Without Destroying My Dojo


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I don't understand the problem, which room do you want to destroy?


the room he's in on the mini-map, it's a problem with how the system detects parent/child rooms. Currently it registers all rooms in a tree method, for instance and room you start in the original hall is considered a child room to it, then any rooms whose construction you start in those rooms is a child to those and so on. even if you loop around to a room, if you started the construction of another rooms from it, you can't destroy it because it is considers to have a child room. I had the same problem in my original dojo design, though now with the teleporters I'm considering how I can redesign it.

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I did loops myself but made sure that they are only closed last so such things won't happen. Problems with this detection were pretty apparent for me from the get go since our previous dojo was huge and I have plenty chances to experience the suffering they can cause.

Now ours is so big and complex that the map is frequently hidden, bugged etc. :D

You can find our map HERE.

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