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Nav Segment Suggestion


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General feedback seemed to be the best place for this.


I was wondering if maybe the Cronus bp drop logic could be applied to the Nav segments. I mean, You only need to get it once, and I'd rather not keep getting a new nav segment each time I beat a boss. It's just not necessary to have them keep stacking up, in my opinion.


Unless, I'm not actually getting them each time. I don't have the game open to check my inventory, but I seem to remember seeing stacks of them in my inventory.


It's a small request, but I think it'd go a little way to cleaning up the inventory. Anyone agree?

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they most definitely do stack


and i think it would be neat if somehow we could use them for something, and sell them too



IDEA: we could use them when they implement clan/alliance driven alerts. to create an alert it could take a few nav segments based on the tier of clan or a static amount for alliance alerts. They could give us a terminal where players could donate their nav segments for research, and then we could produce nav coordinates that represent various types of alerts on various planets.


I dunno how rewards would happen

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