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Making Use Of The Oracle Room


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For those who have been around long enough, we know that the Oracle serves two purposes in the Dojo: allowing Lab construction, and taking up space.


To me, this seems a terrible waste, especially since almost every other dead-end room is either interactive (labs) or has a more practical function (reactors) that makes it necessary to the dojo as a whole.  The only room that does not fit this bill is the Observatory, the primary function of which is to take up space and look really, really cool.


The Oracle, however, serves only to enable to the construction of - count them - five specialty rooms, after which it is unlikely to be used again.  To me, it seems a terrible waste for a room in the Lab set to be relegated to a little-traffic-ed side hall.


Therefore, I propose that the Oracle be given a practical interactive function.  In addition to enabling the building of Labs, let the Oracle access an interactive layout of the entire Dojo.  The hope here is to ease the burden on architects (like myself) who spend time running (or teleporting) from one end of the Dojo to the other trying to lay things out from the map overlay and room placement screen.


The Oracle could consolidate these functions into a single room, allowing architects to lay out their plans in relative comfort before heading back down the hall to cue rooms for construction or removal.


Alternatively, these functions could be routed through the Oracle as well for even greater time efficiency, although I see no problem with retaining the current system as well for on-the-fly changes.

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Perhaps also the Oracle could serve as a location to interact directly with the Lotus so its name actually makes sense. I mean Oracle implies a source of knowledge and what else is the Lotus but a source of knowledge? 


It could also serve as a location to start quests, but that could get  iffy because it would lock more content behind clans. 

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Its not only the Oracle room.


An option wich alows you to replace a room or any dojo contruction with another would be nice.


Now currently we have an "attic" in our dojo where all the redundant useless rooms are placed.

We have build up to the biggest clanhal so all the previous clanhals are redundant and a great waste of space and energy.


Every time a new dojo room is added i think, "would have been great to fit it here instead of this one"


So yes, rooms that are replaceable / autorescale would be nice, so we don't have to destroy the whole dojo before we can fit in the new room.



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