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A More Balanced Token Proposal


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I know people always seem to react to rage to Token proposals, and I would say this is more because the Token proposals almost always come from greedy people that are having trouble seeing the larger picture. It is for this reason that I am proposing a more modest version of a Token system:


- All parts will already drop as they are, precisely as they are.

- A token can only be earned if you instantaneously junk what you find (keys can't be junked), if accepted it becomes untokenable.

- Tokens are all specific to the stage you just finished, in that T1 Exterminate item only gives a T1 Exterminate Token.

- Items will have vastly expensive Token costs, with the rarer items in the same stage having even higher costs.

- A stage's common item would have a cost of 50 tokens, and it would just go up from there.


This set up favors the interest of everyone. Those who want a chance to get everything on the first run still do; those who want to sell to those without the patience, or keys, still can; and those who want to know that there's eventually a light at the end of a ridiculously long tunnel still can also.


This also ensures that lower level players are discouraged from using the token system - versus higher level players - as if they throw away everything just to get one weapon, they'll be back at square one when they try to get the next item when they realize that they already tossed away multiple items that could have been used to build it.


Finally, preventing keys from being junked ensures there's still a RNG in one's Token acquisition rate. Rather than being the cruise control option that self-serving players are asking for when they ask for a 5 run drop guarantee, it turns the token into the last resort safety net only to be used after all else fails (and something that will generally be avoided by many).

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